Privacy Policy

We're not lawers here, and you probably aren't either. In plain english here is what data we collect and why.


We use Google analytics to track this website's traffic. The type of information that this collects is not personally identifiable. It tracks information such as device type, locaion (based from your IP address, generally as accurate as the city or county), and time spent on the website. We use this information to better tailor our website to our customers.

Personal Information

In various places on our website we ask for your contact information. This information is used, you guessed it, to contact you. It is entirely up to you to use this.

Cookies 🍪

We actually don't use cookies on this site. Wow, what a refreshing change.

That's about it... We implement modern privacy and data protection practices on our side to assure that any information we do store is protected. If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to our IT team at We look forward to working with you.