There are loads of things to consider when picking which t-shirt to print on. On this page we try and break it down into broad categories. Please feel free to call in and talk with one of our product experts, they have worked with thousands of customers and can help you find the right item for your needs.


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G2000 and G2000L image of models

Gildan 100% Cotton

Style: G2000 & G2000L

The G2000 is by far our best seller. I'd wager you have 2-5 of these in your closet right now. The G2000 is a 100% cotton t-shirt with a basic or square fit and is pre-shrunk. It is great for printing on a budget, and it has the largest color selection of any other shirt we sell. It is made with a durable fabric, making it great for rougher conditions. See G2000L - women's, G2000B - youth, G2400 - long sleeve, G200-T.

Recommended for: Family Reunions, School Spirit Shirts, Clubs, Construction Crews

Port & Company Core Cotton Tee image

Port & Company Core Cotton Tee

Style: PC54

The PC54 is 100% cotton with a basic or square fit. Do you own a t-shirt cannon? This is the cheapest shirt that we sell making it great for people who are going for quantity and want to penny-pinch. It has a lighter fabric than the G2000 which some people prefer, just know that whites will be somewhat sheer. See LPC54 - women's, PC54Y - youth, & PC54T - tall.

Recommended for: T-shirt cannons, Parades, Super Large Quantities

Gildan 50/50 Tee image

Gildan Dry Blend

Style: G8000

The G8000 has the same fit and style of the G2000 only it is a 50% Cotton/50% Polyester. It has good moisture-wicking properties and is noticeably lighter than the G2000. This is a great mid-range option, for those who don't want to break the bank but would like something a bit nicer. Consider this the Olive Garden of t-shirts. See G8000B - youth.

Recommended for: Construction, People who want a thinner shirt

The Zorrel Tee

The Zorrel Tee

Style: Z100

The Z100 (Z100Y - youth) is 70% cotton/30% polyester with a basic or square fit. We consider this the working man's (or woman's) t-shirt. This shirt is moisture-wicking, breathable, snag-resistant, and has UPF 25+ sun protection. It is more comfortable than the other basic tees and lasts longer. Spend the extra money and get yourself a shirt you can pass down to your great-grandchildren! It is a bit more expensive than other shirts, but once our customers try it they never go back.

Recommended for: Law Enforcement, EMT/Paramedics, Construction Crews, Military

Next level blended tee

Next Level Short Sleeve Crew

Style: N6210

Before we get into the details of this shirt, let us warn you. We do not like this the N6210! We have more problem with this shirt than all other products combined, there are frequently holes, improperly sewn seams, and parts of the shirt that don't fit right. Have you ever put a shirt on and one sleeve was tighter than the other, or you just couldn't get it to sit straight on your body? Chances are it was this shirt. That being said people love it. It is affordable and comfortable, has a tear-away label, and breathes well. Keep in mind the women's variant is very fitted. We would recommend the C3001 in place of this shirt. See N6610 - women's & N3312 - youth.

Recommended for: Inexpensive Fashion Shirts

District Concert Tee

District Concert Tee

Style: DT5000

The DT5000 shirt is 100% soft spun cotton. It has a fashion fit with a slightly slimmer body and shorter sleeves. We like to think this shirt is a great compromise, just like Texas Roadhouse, there's more on the menu then just chicken, and you still get to watch the game. It feels great, has a comfortable fit, and won't break the bank.

Recommended for: Events that want a nicer shirt, Businesses, Family Reunions

Bella + Canvas - Unisex Jersey Tee image

Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Tee

Style: C3001

The C3001 is a 100% airlume combed and ringspun cotton. It is a fashion fit shirt. It has a really large color selection in both solid and heathered colors. If you are looking for a solid colored shirt with the feel of a blended shirt, this is likely the best shirt for you. It tends to be popular with boutiques and those who are looking to sell shirts. If it's good enough for them then it's good enough for you, unless it's not, then disregard this. This shirt has a great color selection!

Recommended for: Boutiques/Selling, Small groups with larger budgets

Sport-Tek Competitor Tee image

Sport-Tek PosiCharge Competitor Tee

Style: ST350

The ST350 is a 100% polyester shirt with a great color selection. Yes, this shirt has a polyester shine to it. Don't worry about that shine through, it makes it seem like you already have a good sweat going. Also, it makes a good scapegoat for that sweat when you're just sitting at your desk. This tends to be a great shirt for people hosting runs or walks or athletic events. It has minimal migration. See LST350 - women's, YST350 - youth, & TST350 - tall.

Recommended for: Runs, Walks, Athletic Events, Gyms

Sport-Tek RacerMesh Tee image

Sport-Tek PosiCharge RacerMesh Tee

Style: ST340

The ST340 is a 100% polyester shirt. This is also a mesh shirt. Don't worry it's not see-through unless you're a big fella or gal wearing a small shirt to show off those jacked shoulders 💪. This shirt can be good for people who like the performance qualities of polyester yet feels softer and doesn't have the shine. Color migration is a concern with this shirt. See LST340 - women's, and YST340 - youth.

Recommended for: Runs, Walks, Athletic Events, Gyms

Cooling Performance Crew image

Cooling Performance Crew

Style: N3142

The N3142 is a 100% polyester shirt. This is a great budget athletic shirt. Super shirt for when you simply want to feel athletic, like when finishing a bag of spicy Doritos, oh yeah... just like that. It has the moisture-wicking polyester and 44+ UPF sun protection. Has a good color selection. Some people complain about the odor of this shirt. Color migration is a concern with this shirt. See NW3210 - women's, and NB3142 - youth.

Recommended for: Runs, Walks, Athletic Events, Gyms

Gildan Performance tee

Gildan Performance tee

Style: 42000

The 42000 is 100% polyester and athletic fit. This shirt has a very soft feel, somewhat more like a blend than a full poly shirt. It is a great shirt for athletics, it doesn't have the polyester shine, it's great at wicking moisture, and it has anti-odor properties. Overall a great shirt for athletics or fashion.

Recommended for: Family Reunions

District Perfect Tri image

District Perfect Tri Tee

Style: DM130

The DM130 is one of our favorite triblend tee. The fabric is 50% polyester/25% ring-spun cotton/25% rayon and we use the word "buttery soft" to describe how it feels. This shirt is made for long walks to the fridge, yeah, it's that good. It has a fashion cut. When we do in house Badger projects, this is our go-to shirt. This is one of our higher-end shirts and that will be reflected in the price. See DM130L - women's. See also the C3413, it has a similar quality to the DM120 but comes in different colors.

Recommended for: Businesses, Boutiques/Selling, High budget projects

Bella Canvas Triblend Tee image

Bella Canvas Triblend Tee

Style: C3413

The C3413 is a fashion fit triblend. The fabric is 50% polyester/25% ring-spun cotton/25% rayon and we use the word "buttery soft" to describe how it feels. People have been known to have great bursts of confidence when wearing this shirt, which makes it a great shirt to wear while asking someone out. Overall an amazing shirt, one we use for our in house projects. Its quality is reflected in its cost. See C3413Y - youth. See also the DM130, it has a similar quality to the C3413 but comes in different colors.

Recommended for: Businesses, Boutiques/Selling, High budget projects