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The things to consider when choosing a long sleeve shirt are essentially the same as with t-shirts just that you have the added concern of fit and style of the sleeves. Please feel free to call in and talk with one of our product experts, they have worked with thousands of customers and can help you find the right item for your needs.


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Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve

Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve

Style: G2400

The G2400 is a great 100% cotton, basic fit long sleeve shirt. It's perhaps the warmest of the long sleeves without moving up to a sweater. On a hot summer day you'll say to your friends, "Yo friends, I'm burning up in the dope shirt I got from Badger Screen Printing." We sell these like crazy to construction crews because they are inexpensive, durable, fit loosly, and come in high visibility colors. See G2400B - youth & G2000 - short sleeve.

Recommended for: Family Reunions, School Spirit Shirts, Clubs, Construction Crews

Port & Company Long Sleeve Core Cotton image

Port & Company Long Sleeve Core Cotton

Style: PC54LS

Meet the PC54LS, a long sleeve basic fit t-shirt. This is the McDonalds of the t-shirt world. Some love it, some hate it, but nobody can argue it's the cheapest shirt in town. Best bang for your buck? Probably not, but it won't take all your bucks. It has ribbed cufs and is fitted a bit loose. See LPC54LS - women's & PC54YLS - youth.

Recommended for: Family Reunions, Construction, Bulk Orders

Gildan DryBlend Cotton Poly Long Sleeve

Gildan DryBlend Cotton Poly Long Sleeve

Style: G8400

The G8400 is a basic fit, ribbed cuff, 50% cotton/50% poly long sleeve shirt. This shirt has pretty good moisture wicking properties, so that lower back sweat will be gone before you can say, "Yes! Netflix, I'm still watching!" The cotton/poly blend makes the shirt have softer feel, it is also thinner than the G2400 so it's a bit cooler. Lots of folks like the loose fit of this shirt. See G8000 - short sleeve.

Recommended for: Construction, Family Reunions

Port & Company Long Sleeve Core Blend

Style: PC55LS

The PC55LS has the same cut and fit as the PC54LS but is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The cotton/poly blend gives this shirt pretty good moisture wicking. It's also made with up to 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Go team Earth! It has a square cut and ribbed cuffs. See PC55 - short sleeve & PC55LST - tall.

Recommended for: Family Reunions, Construction

Long Sleeve Zorrel Tee image

Long Sleeve Zorrel Tee

Style: Z700

The Z700 is a premium standard fit 70/30 cotton/poly long sleeve shirt. It has a hemmed sleeve. The Z700 is a go to shirt if you need a comfortable, durable, and breathable shirt. It's a favorite among law enforcement, construction crews, and EMTs. It'll cost you more than any of the previous options, but for most it's well worth the cost. See 7100 - short sleeve.

Recommended for: Law Enforcement, EMT/Paramedics, Construction Crews, Military

Next Level Cotton Long Sleeve image

Next Level Cotton Long Sleeve

Style: N3601

The N3601 is a fashion fit 100% ringspun cotton long sleeve with hemmed sleeves and a tearaway label. We do not love this shirt. Next Level overall tends to have quite poor production quality. We frequently see holes, missing seams, misaligned seams, and overall inconsistency. If you have ever put on a shirt that just never sat straight or had one sleeve that is tighter than the other it was probably this shirt. We try to catch these problems, but if we don't and we print on the shirts there is no way to return them. Good news is there are a number of great options at a similar price-point. See the 3501 for a comparable feel and price.

Recommended for: Selling, People who like mis-fitting shirts

Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve

Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve

Style: C3501

The C3501 is a fashion fit 100% ringspun cotton with a cuffed sleeve. This is a great "bang for your buck" option, it's comfortable, affordable, and has a fashion fit. This shirt has a great color selection and has a youth companion C3501Y. Some of the colors come in 50/25/25 poly/ringspun cotton/ryon.

Recommended for: Boutiques/Selling, Company Aparreal, Team Aparreal

District Very Important Long Sleeve

Style: DT6200

The DT6200 is a 100% ring spun cotton, hemmed sleeves, and a fashion fit. Heathered colors come in 50/50 ringspun cotton/polyester. It has a slightly slimmer body than other fits. On the "good, better, best" scale this falls into the better category, you get quite a bit more quality than other options without the high cost. See DT6000 - t-shirt.

Recommended for: Schools, Boutiques, Businesses

Sport-Tek Long Sleeve Competitor Image

Sport-Tek Long Sleeve Competitor

Style: ST350LS

The ST350LS is lightweight, roomy, and highly breathable. It's 100% polyester makes it a great moisture-wicking shirt. This is a great shirt for athletics, when it's getting a bit to cold for those pesky short sleeve shirts. Great shirt for athletic events or outdoors events. See TST350LS - tall & YST350LS - youth.

Recommended for: Runs, Walks, Athletic Events, Gyms

Sport-Tek RacerMesh Long Sleeve image

Sport-Tek RacerMesh Long Sleeve

Style: ST340LS

The ST340LS is a super breathable mesh shirt. It is made of 100% polyester, has hemmed cuffs, and is great at wicking moisture. This shirt can be good for people who like the performance qualities of polyester yet feels softer and doesn't have the shine. Color migration is a concern with this shirt. See ST350 - short sleeve.

Recommended for: Runs, Walks, Athletic Events, Gyms

Sport-Tek long Sleeve Cotton Touch image

Sport-Tek long Sleeve Cotton Touch

Style: ST450LS

The ST450LS is 100% spun polyester. Spun polyester you ask? Spun polyester is treated to be softer and have more of a cotton or blend feel. This is the shirt for you if you want the performace characteristics of polyester but without the shine. This is a favorite shirt for when you want performance, but may not be doing intense athletics. See ST450 - short sleeve.

Recommended for: Athletics, Performance Fashion

Sport-Tek Long Sleeve Tri-Blend Raglan image

Sport-Tek Long Sleeve Tri-Blend Raglan

Style: ST400LS

The ST400LS is a raglan sleeve triblend with hemmed sleeves. I (the person who's been talking to you this whole time 👻) own one of these and I love it. I would consider it more of a fashion shirt than an athletic shirt, but you could get away with either. There is not much flex in the sleeves, so no rolling them up on hot days but I will say it is ultra comfortable.

Recommended for: Team Fashion Clothing, Athletics

Gildan Performance Long Sleeve image

Gildan Performance Long Sleeve

Style: 42400

The 42400 is 100% polyester and athletic fit with a hemmed sleeve. This shirt has a very soft feel, somewhat more like a blend than a full poly shirt. It is a great shirt for athletics, it doesn't have the polyester shine, it's great at wicking moisture, and it has anti-odor properties. Overall a great shirt for athletics or fashion.

Recommended for: Athletics, Athletic fashion, Team Gear

Next Level Triblend Long Sleeve image

Next Level Triblend Long Sleeve

Style: N6071

The N6071 is an excellent affordable 50/25/25 poly/ringspun cotton/rayon triblend. It has a hemmed cuff. This shirt has a pretty small color selection. As a word of warning Next Level frequently has product quality issues, but people still love their products so it's up to you.

Recommended for: Selling/Boutiques, Business Appareal